Saturday, 12 January 2019

Are you READY to Stop Smoking?

This time of year is a wonderful opportunity to make a change in your life and kick the filthy nasty habit that is smoking, but how do you know you are ready?  In this blog post I will be explaining how it is so important to consciously want to stop smoking but also why sometimes even wanting consciously to stop smoking can end in disappointment.

When someone rings me to stop smoking the first thing I ask is 'On a scale of 1-10 how much do you really WANT to stop smoking'? It is so important that the smoker is ready to take personal responsibility and commit to stopping smoking. I always ask some questions to find out are they really committed or are in actual fact are 'half hearted' about it. Of course like everything if life if you approach it with this attitude you are not going to be successful. Now if they give me a 9-10 answer that is fantastic because is shows me they are ready to use the powerful tool we call hypnosis the be free.

So why can hypnosis make it easy to stop? Well in the past that person who gave me a 9-10 answer, may have tried to stop many times strictly at a conscious level, which usually fails because it comes into conflict with the subconscious. This is because no matter how much they want to quit consciously, if the subconscious mind does not agree, it will not work. If the two minds (conscious and subconscious) are not in agreement the subconscious will always win out.  Wanting to stop smoking is a conscious decision and a good one, but what happens is that when the message reaches the subconscious it meets resistance because most smokers keep reminding themselves that they can't stop smoking and that it is going to be 'so hard to stop' (which is a negative suggestion). Every time they do that they are sending a suggestion to the subconscious that locks it down as a powerful message that blocks the conscious. Usually the smoker has attached pleasure to smoking such as "I need a cigarette when I get up in the morning,"; "after a meal", "with a drink" and more attachments that are there at a subconscious level. These attachments can be removed easy using hypnosis.

Many smokers keep giving excuses why they continue to smoke (e.g. boredom, it relaxes me, etc.) but at the end of the day they are just fooling themselves. Excuses are given by what I refer to as the 'monkey' mind, as deep down most know that the human lungs were never meant to be used as a chimney, but are for breathing fresh air. Some smokers will admit they hate the taste of cigarettes or that is is of course very bad for their health, but yet they keep smoking...and the harder they try to stop the harder it gets....why? Because it is not a logical (conscious) problem it is a subconscious emotional attachment. There is literally a smoking program running at the subconscious level that keeps them lighting up.

Hypnosis works because it is a great way to bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind and remove that smoking program at the subconscious level. Yes there is never a better time than the present but first a smoker must be honest with themselves and really want to stop. After that if they commit to the hypnotic process and follow instructions then they will be free, just like they have never smoked in the first place (as the program is now removed), with in most cases no cravings (and if the exist they are relatively mild and disappear after a few week as the nicotine leaves the body). 

The value of the one hypnosis session to stop smoking is 250 euros. It is important to look at this as an investment. A pack of cigarettes now costs 12 euros, so for a pack a day smoker that works out at 84 euros per week, 336 per month, 4,032 euros per yer. The initial investment to stop smoking you will get back in just under three weeks... remember can't put a price on your health...

I hope you have enjoyed this blog. Please share it will all you smoking friends...wishing you all a great and smoke free 2019!  

© Trevor Eivers 2019

My name if Trevor Eivers and I am based in Waterford, Ireland. I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist (since 2010) with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), which is the largest hypnosis body in the world with over 14,000 members in 83 different countries worldwide. I am also a Certified NLP practitioner. I love my job in which I help everyday people with everyday issues. Contact me at 086-8211677 or check me out online at or Facebook at :

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Creatively Visualising your New Years Resolutions

Creative Visualization is the technique of using your imagination to create what you want in your life. We use visualization everyday, even if unknown to ourselves, as it is the basic creative energy of the universe. However you don't need to 'believe' or 'have faith' in any spiritual or metaphysical ideas in order for it to work. It is a natural process of utilizing the right side of your brain. It is a wonderful mindset to have any time of the year, but sometimes a new year is a great chance for a fresh start and new way of looking at things.

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Here is a very simple 5 step process of using this powerful methodology, so that you can set up the blueprint for a successful 2019!

1. Set your Goal (make sure it is a SMART goal ~ an acronym for the 5 steps of specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based, is one of the most effective tools used by high achievers to reach their goals consistently.), i.e. this could be to quit smoking, lose weight, improved health or simply a change in your life circumstance.

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2. Create a clear idea or picture or feeling of the object or situation exactly as you want it and think of about it in present tense AS-IF it is already existing the way you want it to be.

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3. Bring the picture to mind regularly, both before you go to bed at night and first thing when you wake up in the morning and then throughout your day. Make it so it becomes an integrated part of your life, so that it can become more real every time you think about it.

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4. Focus on your goal and look at it in positive, encouraging way, making strong positive statements to yourself and envisioning that is has come or is now coming to you. See yourself receiving and achieving it.

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5. 'Just Do It' - Make a daily check list of activities and actions that will go towards manifesting that desired outcome. Work towards this desired outcome with passion and determination. Creative visualization in itself is great, but sometimes fails as this final stop of the process is sometimes forgotten about.

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Note that some goals can change before they are achieved, which is a natural part of the process. Allow yourself to make mistakes too and if you have a bad day, don't beat yourself up, dust yourself down and know tomorrow is another opportunity to put things right. We wouldn't be human if we didn't make mistakes and this is how we learn. But remember You Can If You Think You Can...don't let the fake 'limitations' stop you! We are all capable of doing so much more that we would ever realize! 

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My name if Trevor Eivers and I am based in Waterford, Ireland. I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist (since 2010) with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), which is the largest hypnosis body in the world with over 14,000 members in 83 different countries worldwide. I am also a Certified NLP practitioner. I love my job in which I help everyday people with everyday issues. Contact me at 086-8211677 or check me out online at or Facebook at :

Friday, 30 November 2018

5 reasons Why Hypnosis is the best way to quit smoking

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my 48th blog post! Let me get straight to the point in this one. It seems unfortunate that e-cigarettes are all the rave at the moment. It's frustrating for me to see people puffing away on these things, knowing for a fact that it doesn't have to be that way....if they only knew that hypnosis is by far the most easy and effective method to quit smoking. In this blog I will give 5 reasons why this is the case.

1. At least part of the reason why people continue to smoke is 'Nicotine'. Yes, it is very addictive ~ but the good news is that nicotine leaves the body relatively quickly (Less than 3 weeks) and after that it really is all in the mind. Alan Carrs excellent book 'The easy way to stop smoking'1 explains this very well ~ he calls it the 'nicotine trick', meaning once you put out that last cigarette the nicotine level in your body drops, which triggers a message to the brain to put in more nicotine, which results in that feeling of a 'craving'. So you light up the next cigarette to feed to monster and it then becomes a never ending cycle. 

In the less than three weeks it takes for nicotine to leave the body, hypnosis can make that process very easy if instructions are followed. Why: Because the part that makes you smoke is removed (see reason 4) and suggestions are given not to have cravings. By using a 'substitute' such as an e-cig or nicotine patches, all you are really doing is swapping one bad habit for another and you still have the nicotine, which is actually part of the problem. I don't see the point in using 'more of the problem to solve the problem'. 

Truth: You might remember living up to your teenage years or longer without the need for nicotine? You don't need it in any form. The fact is it is a poison to the human body.

2. Hypnosis encourages you to exert personal responsibility over the choices that you are making. All hypnosis is 'self hypnosis' and my stop smoking clients really do all the work themselves (I really just 'facilitate the process'). By stopping using the power of your own mind, comes a great sense of achievement, accomplishment and pride much greater than can ever be achieved by a puffing away on an e-cigarette.

Truth: You do not need any crutches, you can do this yourself and be free.

3. Hypnosis will empower you with 'self belief' and 'confidence'. We all have far more potential than we would ever realize, but sometimes that power is lying dormant within us. Hypnosis will allow you to reignite that fire within and awake your true power, which is the nemesis of the smoking habit which of course dis-empowers you. 

Truth: You CAN stop smoking easily if you put your mind to it! Just commit to the hypnotic process and follow all instructions.

4. Neurologically speaking, we are all programmed at an automatic subconscious level, the manifestation of which are habits and behaviors. Hypnosis by-passes the critical factor of your conscious mind (which holds limitations in place, i.e. the 'i can't mentality') and accesses the powerful subconscious, to remove the program (or programs) that are making you smoke. So it literally is 'good riddance to bad rubbish'!

Truth: This is the exact reason why after my hypnosis stop smoking program many people report that: "It's like I never smoked in the first place". 

5. Studies have shown time and time again that stopping smoking using hypnosis is the most effective method.2 Many of these studies have shown up to 90% success rate (as apposed to say 5% for stopping using 'will power).3

Truth: I cannot MAKE people stop smoking but I can HELP. I don't keep stats because from experience, if you want to stop smoking and commit to the process it's = 100% successful.... if you don't, it's = 0%. I have helped hundreds of people stop smoking since I began my hypnotherapy business in 2010. Please refer to my many testimonials in the citations.4

You owe it to yourself to stop smoking. There are no advantages to it and you are only leaving behind a disgusting habit. Cigarettes have now gone up to 12 euros a pack in the most recent budget. But more importantly you cannot put a price on your health! 

There will never be a better moment than now to stop smoking. Make that first step and call me now on 086 8211677.

1.  Carr, Allan; 'The Easy Way To Stop Smoking';  Revised Edition, 2015. Penguin Books. 
3. Studies on the Effectiveness of Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation. (2009, April 8). Retrieved from

My name if Trevor Eivers and I am based in Waterford, Ireland. I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist (since 2010) with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), which is the largest hypnosis body in the world with over 14,000 members in 83 different countries worldwide. I am also a Certified NLP practitioner. I love my job in which I help everyday people with everyday issues. Contact me at 086-8211677 or check me out online at or Facebook at : 

Friday, 8 June 2018

The Wonderful Truth ~ We Create Our Own Reality!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my new blog post and I hope that all my Irish readers are enjoying the sunshine and getting loads of life giving vitamin D! Please stay away from those toxic cancer causing sun-creams1, if possible use natural organic sun protection...just make sure to read the label and ingredients! As with everything there is an answer in nature, for example coconut oil is very effective to use as a protection from the sun. Unfortunately society has been programmed to be almost be afraid of the sun and go reaching for toxic sun creams at the first sign of sun. But the sun does not harm us it actually nourishes us ~ just look at nature how plants love and need the sun ...but like plants, just make sure to keep well watered ;)

This time around I would like to bring good news: that YOU are capable of doing anything that you need to do in this life! When we are born we are born with unlimited capacity to learn and we have all the resources that we need within us. In many ways children are so much resourceful than us adults and have an amazing capacity to learn. About six months ago I was teaching my now five year old daughter Emma to cycle her bike without the stabilizers. It was inspiring to witness that no matter now many times she fell off the bike she was back up on that bike again and really after just a very short time she was off and cycling like a pro! I honestly have learned so much from my children (also from Owen who just turned three), they have an amazing love for life and know so many things naturally. This is of course before the indoctrination of society kicks in and they have not yet had the chance to become cynical and be told that they 'can't do this or they can't do that'. 

Here is the thing ~ what happens in our imaginations happen in reality afterwards! This is why as kids we learn so quickly because we are using our imaginations literally all the time. We are what we 'think about' and 'focus on' and 'give our energy to'. As we grow up and into adulthood we suddenly have all these limitations in place that are really given to us by a sick society (which promotes the subliminal message that you can't solve your own problem, you need meds, e-cigs, etc., etc.). If you ever hear yourself or a friend say: 'I can't to this or I can't do that' ~ that is the reality that is being created.  You are actually making this happen. In actual fact we are all capable of doing so much more that we would ever have thought (notice that key word 'thought') possible! But the truth is that we place these barriers and limitations in place ourselves (with suggestion from that sick society of course!). It is very much a subconscious thing than most people are not actually consciously aware of.

This is why hypnosis works so powerfully ~ It helps bypass those limitations and will allow you to access your inner potential, power and resources. It is a journey within yourself. In most cases you have everything you need already to do whatever you need to do in this life. I have seen it so many times with people creating their own reality by saying things like 'It's going to be really hard to give up the fags'....well guess what?.. by the very fact that they are saying that to themselves it will be hard! What if instead they were to say out loud 'I can do this and it is going to be relatively easy once I do it the right way' ~ isn't that such a different dynamic? Now that is what I call creating your own reality. This is the reality that will be manifested! There is an old saying "all hypnosis is self hypnosis" and this is true in the sense that we are what we tell ourselves, think about and what thoughts we focus on, i.e. we are unconsciously programming ourselves all of the time. Once we are 'mindful' of this we can gain a self awareness and begin to program ourselves in many positive ways instead, so we can enjoy fuller, a richer and a more productive/successful life!  

For help bypassing your limitations and manifesting your own reality call me on 086 8211677


© Trevor Eivers 2018
My name is Trevor Eivers and I am based in Waterford, Ireland. I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist (since 2010) with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), which is the largest hypnosis body in the world with over 14,000 members in 83 different countries worldwide. I am also a Certified NLP practitioner. I love my job in which I help everyday people with everyday issues. Contact me at or check me out online at or Facebook at :

Friday, 4 May 2018

Hypnosis For Weight Loss - In My Clients Own Words

Hi Everyone,
This time around I would like to dedicate this blog post to all my Weight Control clients and use it to gather some of the feedback I have received from my 4 session weight control programme. The programme ensures success by covering all aspects of weight control; from what you are eating, how you are eating, when you are eating, activity and exercise, self-belief, self-confidence, self-image, motivation and more. All you need to do is commit to it and follow all instructions and you will experience success!!

Louise, Waterford:
"Things are going really well for me since the Weight Control Hypnosis program. I have lost 30 lbs so far and I am feeling so much better than I did before. I am using the self hypnosis and the recording from our last session. I’m walking more and feeling confident. I’m drinking about 3 liters of water a day and it is easy to do so. I am eating healthier and I am enjoying it. I am loving fruits and vegetables. This is the new me now and I am very happy with the changes that have come from my weight loss."

"Thank you so much for everything Trevor you have helped me change my life and I really appreciate your help. I have recommended you to my friends and I hope they contact you when it is the ‘right time for them".

Julie, Waterford:
"I Just finished my sessions for weight loss program with Trevor. Already down a dress size and looking good. Looking forward to the future being the size I want. THANKS TREVOR for all your help and support".

Dolores, Waterford:
"Hi Trevor. I want to say big thank you for helping to make it possible to loose weight through your hypnosis. I can now wear my little black number to my Christmas party with confidence…….. Dreams do come true."

Patrick, Waterford:
"I am a wheelchair user who has battled with my weight for a long time and I have been on every diet going. I was reading my local paper and came across Trevors advert so I made an appointment and never looked back. It was a new experience for me and I have lost ten pounds so far, so Thanks Very Much Trevor".

Michelle, Waterford:
"It’s been approx two weeks now since I completed my six week weight management sessions with you at Waterford Hypnosis. I wanted to take a moment to firstly thank you very much and secondly to share my experience of hypnosis which I am hoping you can share with future clients as it may help them decide if hypnosis is for them. I know for me , when researching this avenue I was interested to hear of others experiences.

Hypnosis was not something I jumped right into as a fleeting thought , looking for a miracle cure for my expanding waist line! I’ve considered it and reviewed it as a method for weight management down through the years but never quite felt like I needed it just yet. Over the past 6 years or so, I’ve managed to successfully lose approx 6 stone through sheer determination , exercise and change in diet however the past year or so approx a stone has gradually creeped back on . So I changed things up , looked at my diet and tried a more intensive exercise routine. Now this all sounds great and it was and is, but I started to look at food and realised I’m obsessed! As most of us probably are. I realised that I use food as some sort of a reward or comfort. When I’m happy, sad, celebrating, commiserating…food is the reward! I knew I needed to change my mind set and not have food be such a focal point in my life. I love food, we all do but I didn’t want it playing such a role in my life.

As I used food as a reward or comforter it only worked for that moment in time until day after day my clothes started getting a little more snug and my chin was starting to grow an extra chin and my belly was manufacturing spare tyres at a very fast rate lol. All my exercise and watching my food was great but I just needed that change in mind set so I knew I was ready for hypnosis.

So, after a 6 week weight management course , where I visited Trevors office 4 times I am delighted to say that I am 15.5lbs lighter and have lost an average of 14 inches all over my body! How you might ask? Well if you want to lose weight the concept is very simple, portion control, healthy choices and exercise. It’s actually not that complicated, however it takes determination and a true want , to lose the weight and manage your weight and that’s the difficult part.Through Trevors suggestions I found myself actually eating more. More fruit and vegetables (actually craving them). I found myself drinking more water, I was actually really thirsty. I found myself pushing myself at exercise class, I was far more determined! Some nights I found myself thinking about having a chocolate bar and all of a sudden it was hours later and I was brushing my teeth, getting ready for bed and thinking, wow I really didn’t NEED that chocolate bar after all!

See the thing is, I lost that weight the regular normal old way. Portion control, healthy food choices and exercise and although physically exerting, it wasn’t a mental struggle because of how hypnosis works. The last day that I stood on the scales and we worked out I had lost 15.5lbs in that length of time, I was astounded. It really didn’t feel like it had been a struggle. And honestly it wasn’t.

Now that my visits to Trevor are over, the stabilisers are off and through the techniques Trevor has thought me I can help myself to maintain my weight and I can see myself at my ideal weight and shape for me. I am happier, healthier, more confident and everyone notices !

Would I recommend Hypnosis for weight management? One hundred percent yes, however I will add a BUT….You have to want to do this, you cannot enter into this half hearted and you have to be realistic. Hypnosis doesn’t make the pounds vanish like a magic potion. It’s still back to the basics of food and exercise. I was extremely successful because I worked really hard and practised the techniques I was taught. Thank you Trevor for helping me find a new and effective way of managing my weight for the future. I’m altogether more confident and feel so much more healthier and positive."

Daisy, Tipperary:
"Hi Trevor, I’d like to thank you for believing in me. I really appreciate all the doors you’ve opened for me. I feel like my horizons have expanded, my thinking about food and what I put in my body has totally transformed; I read labels on food and I really care about what I’m eating now. I haven’t touched any rubbish food for 5 weeks now (bar one square of dark chocolate, because it’s supposed to be good for you I hear) – and I feel fantastic. I don’t even want rubbishy food anymore, so it’s not like I’m depriving myself. My confidence has improved and I’ve lost 18lb! I honestly can’t believe it, but I truly believe I made a life changing decision by coming to see you and I believe it will see me healthy and fit for life. Thank you so much!!"

And from a follow up email sent 10 weeks later:
"I have also started back swimming in the last few weeks after 8 years.!! I do at least half an hours exercise daily and my eating is still perfect, a few cravings here and there but I deal with them with the mindfulness. I still listen to the mp3 as well. And I juice every day too. Generally in myself I am so much more relaxed and confident. I am much more willing to put effort into myself in general, for instance I got a book from a friend that is called ‘Love Your Body’ by Louise L. Hay I think her name is. On every page there is a body part/organ, and there is a small paragraph with it that you read out loud to yourself while standing in front of the mirror, ten times, morning and night. I found that great too, before doing the hypnosis I would have written off doing things like that as useless. I am always energized and happy.! I am so glad I came down to you, it has really changed my life SO MUCH.!! The comments coming from people about my loss are great too!".

Erica, Waterford:
"I'm sure what I'm about to discuss will sound very familiar to a lot of people . I was slowly but surly just getting bigger . There are so many quick fit diets , shakes and tablets, slimming clubs etc . Well I did them all but I could only stay with the program for short periods of time . And when I would "fall off the wagon " any weight I lost would go straight back on with a little more . It's a vicious circle that I couldn't stop . My thinking was "what's the point, everyone else can do it, I haven't got the will power". I'm getting no where only bursting out of my clothes. So I came to a cross road , nothing in the wardrobe fits , I won't go out because I've nothing to wear, I would rather not get involved in anything because I feel so bad about myself. Do I start buying bigger clothes or do i put the money into looking for someone to give me will power and to change my mind set, stop my binge eating and cravings for sugar . Or Do I want to stay like this forever????"

"That's when I started thinking about hypnosis . So I checked out the Internet and found Trevor Eivers. I didn't know him, I read his blog he was local and convenient. I rang him & set a date for my first appointment .I can't describe what a difference doing the 4 sessions weight lost program has done for me. The first & most important aspect that Trevor made every clear, he promotes positive approach hypnosis I make hundreds of choices every day and what I was eating was what I was choosing. Through hypnosis Trevor gave me skills to make positive choices . I am responsible for these choices. I am not on a diet, I am not denying myself food . But I haven't eaten a sweet or sugary food since I started with over a month ago, there has been no Binge eating , it hasn't been difficult I've used the techniques Trevor gave me. I feel absolutely amazing, full of energy I want to get out for a walk and to add to this I am loosing weight. My clothes are starting to fit me again , I see myself in a very positive place . The money I was going to spend on bigger clothes I spent on myself .I truly mean this , I thank you Trevor for all the support and guidance”.

I hope you enjoyed reading some of my clients feedback. I am humbled by it, because at the end of the day the truth is that I just facilitated the process for them, they themselves took back responsibility for their own health and well-being, so they should take great credit. Please spread the word and share if you know any friends and family that have weight problems ~ Unfortunately Ireland has a huge obesity problem at the moment but if I can help in some way it is very rewarding for me. Call 086 8211677 NOW

© Trevor Eivers 2018
My name is Trevor Eivers and I am based in Waterford, Ireland. I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist (since 2010) with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), which is the largest hypnosis body in the world with over 14,000 members in 83 different countries worldwide. I am also a Certified NLP practitioner. I love my job in which I help everyday people with everyday issues. Contact me at or check me out online at or Facebook at :

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Hypnosis and the Subconscious Mind

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” - Earl Nightingale

It is important for my clients to understand just how hypnosis works through the subconscious mind. It is essential this is clarified at the beginning of my sessions as it makes for more productive and successful outcomes! The reason for this is that no matter how much someone wants to do something 'consciously' if the 'subconscious mind' does not agree than it will not work. This is why sometimes the 'harder you (consciously) try to do something, the harder it gets'! 

The 'conscious mind' is analytical, critical, contains will power and is the part of the mind that makes conscious decisions on a daily basis. Decisions like 'what should I eat'? 'what should I wear?' and many more decisions we make throughout the day. Most people report their problem to be what their rational/analytical conscious mind thinks the problem is...which is usually incorrect. Many philosophers have compared the conscious mind to a drop of water in the ocean whereas the subconscious mind is the ocean itself - where the true answers/solutions await.

The subconscious mind is everything we do 'automatically'. It is like a vast library/storehouse of all our memories and experiences. Every good and bad feeling we have ever had is stored away in the subconscious mind and can be retrieved at anytime. It also houses emotions, beliefs, phobias and habits such as smoking, weight, mail biting, stress and many more. It is like an enormous computer than controls our lives, within where many programs run, some of which do not serve our best interests in terms of our health and well-being. Whether it be a smoking program, an overeating program or a stress program. The good news is that these programs can be easily removed using hypnosis.

For example, most smokers consciously agree that smoking is detrimental to their health but it is the subconscious program (i.e. the compulsion) that keeps them lighting up. It is not a logical problem but a subconscious program. Their decision to stop smoking consciously (albeit a good one) comes into conflict with the subconscious which has attached pleasure to smoking (e.g. I need a cigarette with a cup of coffee, a drink, on the phone, etc.). 

Hypnosis is so effective because the hypnotic induction by-passes the critical factor of the 'conscious mind' and directly accesses and communicates with the 'subconscious mind'. The subconscious communicates to a large extent by visualization/imagination ... there is an old saying 'whatever happens in the imagination happens in reality afterwards'.  In other words we are subconsciously, manifesting our own reality. There is no better feeling than during my hypnosis sessions when my client walks though the door that leads to freedom!, whether it be from a habit, stress or fear. Everything changes! It is really as easy as flicking a switch - yes it is that powerful because a change is being made at a much deeper level!  The only prerequisite is of course that my client is fully committed to making that change in their life. 

Call now on (086) 8211677 and I can help you make that change. 

I hope you have enjoyed my latest blog post. Until next time, stay safe and happy in all that you do xx

© Trevor Eivers 2018

My name is Trevor Eivers and I am based in Waterford, Ireland. I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist (since 2010) with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), which is the largest hypnosis body in the world with over 14,000 members in 83 different countries worldwide. I am also a Certified NLP practitioner. I love my job in which I help everyday people with everyday issues. Contact me at or check me out online at or Facebook at :  

Monday, 20 November 2017

Why You Smoke and how to stop EASILY

The number one main reason that people come to see me is to 'Stop Smoking'. I have been helping people stop smoking now for nearly 10 years and it has become my main area of expertise. One of the first things I say to my stop smoking clients is to look at me as a 'stop smoking expert' and a 'facilitator of a process'. Hypnosis is only a word, so focus on the outcome - FREEDOM! In this blog post I am going to tell you the truth about smoking. Smoking Cigarettes is both an addiction and a habit but neither are the reasons that people continue to smoke. Most people know that smoking is very bad for their health and causes diseases. But yet people still smoke! Why? The main reason is  'The Brainwashing' associated with smoking. 

The Brainwashing 

In my opinion this is the main reason people continue to smoke. There is a huge suggestion given by a sick society that stopping smoking is hard - It is not. However it will be if you think it will be because you will create/manifest that reality. Yes you heard me right we live in a 'sick society'. This society that is constantly giving suggestions that stopping smoking is 'hard' and you can't do it yourself but you need some 'cruxes' or 'substitutes' such as e-cigarettes, nicotine gum and patches, etc. You don't - all you are doing is swapping one habit for another plus you still have the nicotine addition! It makes zero sense to me. They actually make it harder not easier. It will just keep the cravings coming and prolong the misery. Nicotine is a poison. You do not need nicotine in any way shape or form in or near your body. Sadly doctors that recommend these substitutes are also part of the brainwashing.

We think we live in a time now where cigarette advertising is banned and all seems good. At least on the surface. But if you look a little deeper - you will realize that there is still a significant amount of smoking suggestion on TV and media, only these days it is much more subtle. Remember that literally millions is made by big corporations and vested interests off the back of the misery of nicotine addicts. An example of recent media subliminally pushing smoking is the very popular TV series 'Stranger Things' which is primarily aimed at a teenage audience. One of the heroes in it is 'Hopper' who is a chain-smoker where in literally every scene he is shown smoking a cigarette. I do have to question this and ask was it really necessary to make that part of the story? and find it hard to believe it will not unduly influence the millions of teenagers that will watch it. Smokers are being lured into a very subtle trap (see the 'Nicotine Trick' below). Scare campaigns do not help smokers to stop they make it harder. All they do is frighten smokers which makes them smoke even more.

The Programming 

After forcing yourself to smoke, after a short period the smoking becomes automatic, i.e. ingrained in the subconscious mind, where you are literally 'programmed to smoke'. The brainwashing is also programmed in. Hypnosis (as it bypasses the conscious mind and accesses the subconscious mind) will remove these programs but it is important that people commit to it fully and follow all instructions. Remove the programming, remove the problem.

The myth of Willpower (and why it does not work)

Willpower very rarely if ever works. Why? Simply because it involves the smoker feeling he is making some sort of 'sacrifice' or 'missing out' on something or 'giving up' (Never use the term ' Give Up' as there is nothing to give up only things to gain!) something.  No, you are gaining everything health, money, freedom and adding many more years to your life. Here's the thing - you were not born a smoker - you weren't born with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth - it is something that you learned how to do. Therefore it is something you can unlearn. We do not decide to become smokers, but merely experiment with the first few cigarettes and because they taste awful (because our bodies natural defense mechanism kicks in trying to get rid of the poison) we are convinced we can stop whenever you want, but sadly it just doesn't work like that. Why? Because of the 'nicotine trick'. Studies show that willpower has only a 5% success rate, whereas strategies such as hypnosis have over 85%.1 Why? Because hypnosis helps you see through the brainwashing. In fact as a hypnotherapist, what I am actually doing is De-programming people from a trance (the 'programming') that they are already in!  But willpower is not effective as it is difficult to force yourself not to do something that has become a subconscious program.

The Nicotine Trick

This is a 'trap' as Allan Carr described so well in his book 'The Easy Way To Stop Smoking'.2  When you smoke you are putting 'nicotine' into your body which is a drug that is more addictive than heroin. It creates a 'nicotine monster' inside you. The moment you extinguish a cigarette the level of nicotine falls very quickly bringing on a feeling of the 'craving' for another one. The nicotine monster wants to be fed so you smoke again. What it also does is that it creates a feeling of 'insecurity' and a 'void' which can only be fixed by having another one. Once you have another cigarette there is a momentary feeling of relaxation but it's an illusion as it's only the nicotine monster being fed.  And so it goes on. All smoking another cigarette achieves is to increase that empty insecure feeling. However the good news is that nicotine leaves your body only after a very short period of time, usually less than 3 weeks and with the right mental attitude, any slight cravings will be gone after 3-4 days. Every time you say no to the craving then you are killing that nicotine monster! In fact by using hypnosis you will most like have no cravings or if you do they will be relatively easy to overcome (if of course you commit to it fully and follow all instructions). When you stop smoking every day gets easier not harder (again more brainwashing) as new non smoking pathways to the brain are being developed. Remember too that there will never be such as thing as 'just the one' as once you smoke one cigarette the nicotine trick cycle starts all over again. I actually rarely use the term 'smoker' even in my sessions - never let a term like that define who you are - you have just fallen into this subtle 'trap'!

The Excuses

'Smoking Relaxes Me'
Wrong - smoking does not relax or calm it actually creates a permanent feeling of insecurity and stress. It's like wearing a pair of tight fitting shoes and then taking them off. It might feel nice to take them off, but maybe just don't wear tight fitting shoes instead? Or banging your head off a wall and then stopping! It's a fact that non smokers are able to manage stress much more effectively than smokers. We all have stress in life but smoking will not reduce it, it will in fact create more of it.

'I smoke because I am bored' 
Boredom is a state of mind. Smoking creates boredom because it causes you to feel lethargic with no energy or vitality to get up and go. Thus smoking actually causes boredom!

'I like the smell/taste of cigarettes'
The smell of smoke is disgusting and stinks. The human lungs were meant to naturally breathe in fresh air not to be used as chimneys puffing in smoke. Take a look at a full up ashtray full of cigarette butts - would you put a spoonful of that in your mouth, chew it and say it tastes nice? Of course not! So those smokers who say that they like the smell or taste are deluded. In addition, once you stop smoking your food will taste better as the layer of tar falls off the taste buds of your tongue!

'I will do it tomorrow' - 'The time isn't right'
It won't be any easier tomorrow. There will never be a right time like NOW! If you are waiting to suddenly magically wake up one morning and not have the desire to smoke you will be waiting a long long time. The nicotine trick/trap simply does not work like that! Every day you continue to smoke you are increasing the risk of disease and destroying your health.

'I am only a social smoker'/'I only have the odd one'
As stated already, because of the nicotine trick, there is no such thing as 'just the one'. I know as I
am a former social smoker. But it always just goes one way and that is smoking more and more as the nicotine monster grows.

All of the time I hear people making all these excuses and more and all are just that - excuses!
Please stop fooling yourself. You can stop smoking ....


It is very easy to stop smoking once you know how to 'De-program' yourself!

1. See the brainwashing for what it is - see through the myths and delusions and most importantly stop making excuses.

2. Decide and make a vow you are never ever going to smoke again (including substitutes).

3. Have the right mental attitude and believe you can do it! Never doubt your decision or ability to stick to it. It is the correct decision and deep down you know this!
 - Don't start out looking at it like you'll be missing out on something, instead keep thinking of all you are gaining! Take a breath and say 'YIPPEE I'M FREE' !!
- Feel sorry for people that do smoke because they are still a slave to the habit/addiction.
- Use your IMAGINATION/Positive visualization and see yourself free and not smoking. It is most useful to do this if you have a social occasion coming up that before you would have smoked. The night before, close your eyes and see yourself enjoying the evening and saying 'no thanks I don't smoke' anytime anyone offers you a cigarette. I assure you then you will say the same when the moment comes! As part of my stop smoking hypnosis program I teach self hypnosis to prepare for such situations.
- Don't try not to think about smoking. Just take a breath and be happy you are free.
- Don't 'wait' for something to happen or to 'feel different' are in control of your reality, just 'do it' because I assure you, you can.

So what are you waiting for? Make the choice to stop NOW and call 086 8211677 

1. Studies on the Effectiveness of Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation. (2009, April 8). Retrieved from

2.  Carr, Allan; 'The Easy Way To Stop Smoking';  Revised Edition, 2015. Penguin Books. 

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