Thursday, 8 May 2014

Hypnosis 'Programs' are much more effective!

I am going to take the opportunity in this blog post to answer a common question I get asked: "Why I no longer offer 'single' hypnosis sessions but instead offer multi session 'hypnosis programs'"?

I completed my National Guild of Hypnotist (NGH) training in November 2010 and when I first set up my hypnosis practice is December 2010, nearly every time I seen a client, it was for a one off session. I found the results mixed, some great, some good and some disappointing. Back then (as now) I was putting a huge effort into every session, looking at improving them all the time and making sure that I was continually up-scaling my skills to ensure I was providing the best possible service and experience to my clients. Of course since then I have obtained invaluable experience and I feel now that I providing a much better service than I was when I started. However one of the main factors contributing to this improvement has been because i now offer 'hypnosis programs' rather than 'single' sessions. 

Here are a few of the many reasons that multi session 'hypnosis programs' are much preferable over 'single' sessions:

1. Multi session programs create a fantastic dynamic, as it shows that a person is willing to work with me to achieve a goal. I have found that with multi-sessions people commit to the hypnosis process a lot more. Most people understand that "Rome wasn't built in a day" and that the number one factor to success is how they commit to the process. As I mentioned in my last blog post - it would be unrealistic of me to expect that I would become an expert after just one piano lesson. Then once a person pays up front for the program we can then get down to work.

Single sessions create a 'quick-fix' and 'give it a go' half hearted dynamic that I am not looking for. Now even though results with hypnosis can be very quick, this is not the case for all. This is because everyone is different and people learn at different rates. In the general public there is always going to be a big variability in; among other factors: their motivation; commitment to the process; level of determination to succeed; ability to relax; ability to use their imaginations; and ultimately ability to be hypnotized. Multi
session programs allow me time to address all of these potential issues and gives time for a person to become comfortable in my hypnotic environment!

2. Even though I find that I can build up a rapport with most people when they come in for a first session, no two people are the same. The facts are, that it can take time to gain a persons trust/confidence and get to know someone. It can be a big ask (and a bit scary) for say an older person to come into see me and then relax and 'let go' beside a hypnotist that they have just met 30 minutes before. The more a person trusts me the more results that we can achieve. But this can take time. A multi-session approach allows all parties to relax and enjoy the process.

3. One of the elements that sets my hypnosis program apart is that I teach my clients many skills such as 'Self Hypnosis' and 'Mindfulness'. What I am really doing is empowering people to help themselves so that when they leave my office they can continue to 'program' themselves in so many helpful and beneficial ways. Once I teach a person a new technique, I always get them to practice it between then sessions. The multi-session approach gives me the opportunity to get feedback from the client, find out what techniques worked, what didn't, and then focusing on getting them right. 

4. The three main hypnosis programs I offer are (1) Weight Control (4 sessions) 2. Stress Reduction/Confidence Building (3 sessions) and 3. Stop Smoking (2 sessions). I have put a lot of thought and effort has gone into the structure of these programs and what they contain. All of which of course is difficult to incorporate into a 90 minute single hypnosis session (which is the approx. time for the first session; all other sessions are approx. 60 minutes). But even then no two programs are the same. I adjust and tailor each program to fit the needs of each individual client. Depending on what comes out of the initial talk with the client (termed 'pre-talk' in hypno speak), I then decide on what on strategies and suggestions will work best to have a happy successful client leaving my office! 

I hope you have enjoyed my latest blog and that it has given you some insights into why 'hypnosis programs' are much more effective than 'single' sessions. I am seeing great results from my hypnosis programs, so tell your friends that I can help them be successful too :)

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