Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Off The Scales Freedom

"The Universe is saying, allow me to flow through you unrestricted and you will see the greatest magic you have ever seen." - Klaus Joehle

Hi Everyone, -  welcome to my latest blog!

My hope is that you will enjoy this blog post and take something from it. This time around I want to talk about what a person achieves with 'Hypnosis' at a higher level. At this point I have covered most of the specifics regarding hypnosis and what it can do, meaning in terms of stop smoking, weight control, reduce stress and anxiety, eliminate fears and so on. I have said more or less all I need to say on these topics and all are available in previous blog posts. The last couple of blog posts though I have been naturally traveling/going towards how everything is 'energy' and 'frequencies' and getting into the nature of the reality we live in. But I also like to keep it simple and today's blog is no different. 

Hypnosis is all about bringing people up one scale and down another. Metaphorically speaking, life can be measured on two scales - one being the scale of 'Challenges' and the other being the scale of 'Resourcefulness'. Lets say both of these scales can be measured from 1 up to 10. Let's begin with 'The scale of 'Challenges' (or 'Perceived Problems')'. On this scale, 10 is the hardest challenge you can imagine, and 1 is the easiest.  Then you have all the variations in between. However an important word here is 'perceived', because depending on the person the exact same challenge can be 'perceived as 'easy' or 'hard'. This is one of the presuppositions of NLP - 'The map is not the territory'. For example when it comes to something like 'stopping smoking', unfortunately most people view that challenge as the hardest thing they could ever attempt. But is it? Well.. if you think something is going to be hard, it probably will be; in that you are actually manifesting your own reality. If a smoker sets out with the 'preconceived belief' that it's going to be 'hard' (10 on the challenge scale), well then guess what?.. It will be! Society is constantly bombarding smokers with suggestions that it is the hardest thing in the world to do and offers all kind of substitutes such a e-cigarettes, nicotine patches, etc. The subliminal message is that 'you do not have the ability within yourself to do this'. Hypnosis shows people that this is untrue; that of course, doing things the same way, you will get the same results and as the old saying goes 'everything will seem difficult until you know how to do it. Then it is easy.' Hypnosis gives that key. 

Even if a person comes into my office with a perceived 'challenge', high up on the hard end of that 'Challenge scale'; after just one hypnotic session they usually leave the session, with that challenge well down that scale. This is because their preconceived beliefs are broken down and also, that their 'belief' in themselves to meet the challenge has gone right up. Free from limitations placed on them by a sick society. In fact, most people would be very surprised to know that, what they can achieve is actually far greater than they would ever have initially thought. Which brings me to the second scale... the 'Scale of Resourcefulness'. 

The 'Scale of Resourcefulness' is where at 10 a person feels super confident and strong within themselves, believing in themselves 100% and really having a 'can do' attitude. Whereas 1 on the scale is where a person is deflated and feeling so lousy, that it's hard to get out of bed in the morning. Again, you have all variations in between. When a client comes into my office, I usually have a fair idea where they are on that scale just by examining their body language and communication skills. Slumped shoulders and sad faces are usually a give away! People lower down the Resourcefulness scale will usually provide 101 good reasons why they 'can't do it'. Hypnosis brings a person up that scale, by providing them with the inner belief, the motivation and most of all the resources within themselves, that they will need to meet the 'challenge' ahead; whether it be stopping smoking, losing weight or anything else. Of course it is important that a real want to change already existed within the person. Hypnosis cannot make a person something that they do not want to do in the first place.

The amazing truth, is that we are all actually born with these resources and the answers lie within ourselves. We are all born connected to the 'universal energy', which is the energy within all living beings and the living universe. It can also be called 'The Wise Mind'. We also have parts within us, that we are born with, that are all connected to this universal energy'. These parts are there to look after us, to care for us to love us, to heal us, the empower us and enhance us. Tragically, over time, as a consequence of living in a sick society, these parts can become 'dormant' within people, or start to malfunction and not work to their true capability. People also take on other parasitical parts, that do not serve the persons best interests. The great news is, is that hypnosis awakens all these parts and/or gets them functioning again to their fullest capability, by reconnecting them to that 'universal energy'. Any parasitical parts will also be removed.

When you think about it, is it any wonder that if a persons 'perceived challenge' is high on the 'challenge scale' and they are very low on the 'resourcefulness scale' that people 'fail' to achieve success? As an example, if an over weight person sets out with that attitude that it is 'going to be the hardest thing in the world to lose weight' and they are not resourceful enough to do so, well then there is only one outcome. But once, through hypnosis. you reconnect with that universal energy, anything becomes achievable. You will be on a 10 on that scale of resourcefulness and perceive the attainment of your goal at number 1-2 on that scale of challenges. I guess that's where the old saying 'On top of things' comes from! 

That is the beauty about hypnosis - it provides you with the belief in yourself to easily meet and overcome any challenge that you have. Everyone has problems/challenges in living (no one gets off free!), but it is really all about how resourceful we are within yourself and your perception of those problems/challenges. Yes Hypnosis can really SET YOU FREE and put the light and life back in your mind, body, spirit and consciousness and make you happy to be 'alive'.  

Thanks for reading this blog post. I plan to start some hypnotic you tube video blogs soon as well, so please watch this space. Until next time, please stay safe, healthy and happy! - Trevor

© Trevor Eivers 2016

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