Sunday, 22 December 2013

Stop Smoking for the New Year - Tip #2 - See Yourself

Welcome to my second tip to help you stop smoking. I hope you enjoyed reading the first tip and got something from it.

My second tip is short, sweet and simple - start 'seeing' yourself living the non smoking life and being free from a habit that you want to leave behind in the past. Change your perspective, in that you are not really a 'smoker' - even though you may have smoked for a number of years, it is something you 'learned' to do. None of us were born with a cigarette hanging out of our mouths, right?

Yes it is true - 'What our mind believes the body achieves' and by spending a few moments each day, preferably just before you go to sleep, imagining yourself in your minds eye 'smoke free' in the future, you are essentially creating your own reality, or more specifically programming yourself for success! By doing this you are using the creative part of your brain and tapping into the power you have within.

Kick your imagination into work! See yourself, (in your mind,  just like your looking at yourself in a full length mirror) healthy, clear skin, smelling fresh, having more energy and more money, having achieved your goal of stopping smoking. SUCCESS - Feel it, hear it, smell it taste it, feel it! Practice saying to yourself 'I am a non smoker and I feel wonderful' and imagine yourself in future situations where you used to smoke, for example a future night out, but see yourself happily enjoying your night out and when people ask you out for a cigarette, you are saying 'No thanks I don't smoke' and mentally rehearsing that future scenario. Imagine you are already free from the habit and in your mind feel and hear the congratulations and acknowledgement from family and friends, having achieved success! Then feel those feelings of pride and success :)

Well that is about it for this tip. I hope you found this tip helpful and please tune in soon for the next one!

© Trevor Eivers 2013

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