Monday, 4 January 2016

Find the REAL you in 2016!

First of all I would like to wish everyone all the very best of luck for 2016! No matter what 2015 was like for you, it is always great to start afresh with a brand new year to look forward to; a year in which you can make permanent changes to your life and make your dreams come true. True, there are many people out there that at this point have 'given up' on new years resolutions, having tried and failed so many times. This is understandable. However in this blog post I will be discussing one of the biggest factors that cause people to slip back into old ways and habits, and I will be providing a key insight into making new year resolutions a reality and ensuring the changes you make are permanent. 

To make a permanent change in your life, it is essential is to know the difference between the 'Conscious Mind' and the 'Subconscious mind'. I like to use the metaphor of the 'Monkey Mind' when explaining the 'Conscious Mind'. The Monkey Mind is the part of the mind we use to 'analyze' things and be 'rational'. Unfortunately it is also the part of the mind that can hold us back, procrastinate, be overcritical, and cause us anxiety and stress by over worrying, pontificating, ruminating and over analyzing situations. It can create mountains out of molehills, keep us awake at night and make up problems that do not exist. Sadly too often in the hustle bustle of today's world, people listen to their monkey minds and end up in a state of chronic stress. This of course can lead to many health problems as I have discussed in previous blogs (check out the 5 part series I done on 'Stress'). 

On the other hand, our Subconscious (some call it the Superconscious) Minds are us. The Subconscious Mind is our 'TRUE' and 'HIGHER' selves. The 'REAL' us we were meant to be, before a sick society brainwashed us with all the worries, anxieties and stresses (the bills, mortgages, job worries, etc.) of the materialist modern world. Our TRUE and HIGHER selves IS the source of all our learnings, behaviours, imaginations, memories and all of the wonderful internal parts that are here to look after us, nurture us and love us. It is the source of our creativity, intuition and resources. Sadly, we rarely listen to what our true and higher selves is trying to tell us. Most people are too busy rushing around being stressed and anxious. The Buddhists knew a long time ago how to 'quieten' their minds (by meditation and other strategies) to tap into this infinite resource. Yes, the truth about us human beings is magnificent and the average person would be blown away by what they are REALLY capable of, once they learn and know how to make us into these wonderful internal resources. 

Hypnosis is a wonderful way of utilising these internal resources and empowering the real you within. It is my opinion that older, traditional counseling and talk therapies focus on the 'Monkey Mind'. The Monkey Mind will rarely, if ever, come up with a solution to a problem, in fact on the contrary, it will most likely come up with barriers to finding a solution. The TV series 'The Sopranos' comes to mind, where the main mafia man Tony makes all these visits to his talk therapist, and then he just feeds his Monkey Mind by talking about his problems, but has no intention of making any real change in his life. The Monkey Mind loves to talk out of the mouth, which is why, when using hypnosis to communicate with the Subsconcious Mind I set up finger (also called 'ideomotor') signals. 

Make 2016 the year to finally put the 'Monkey Mind' in a cage and start start letting the real you out that has actually always been there, just lying dormant, waiting to burst out.  Remember/be who you really are! No matter what your goal is in 2016, whether to stop smoking. lose weight, eliminate a fear or reduce stress, hypnosis is a must. It will provide the environment and facilitate the finding of your true higher self. What are you waiting for? Call now on 0868211677! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it informational. Until next time stay safe everyone! 

"Socrates did not believe that any man could be taught, inasmuch as all men contain within themselves a  -divine wisdom which cannot be increased. Education therefore, as the word itself originally inferred, is a process by which wisdom is drawn out of man. Every man's true teacher is his own higher self" ~ Manly P. Hall

Dedication: I would to dedicate this blog post to a dear friend and colleague Mr.Tom Ryan, who is the inspiration for much of the above. Thanks Tom, your guidance and support is so appreciated!

 © Trevor Eivers 2016

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