Saturday, 14 December 2013

Stop Smoking for the New Year - Tip #1: Have the right ATTITUDE

Every few days from now until the end of the year (and perhaps into 2014), I am going to give a few tips for people looking to stop smoking. I think that people who smoke will find these tips really beneficial regardless of the method they are thinking of using, whether it be willpower, hypnosis or electronic cigarettes (which I don't consider stopping a habit at all, but that is a conversation for another day!).

Like most things in life, how you set out to do something means so much, especially in terms of your ultimate success. Set out with the right attitude and you are already half way there. Believe in yourself - that you 'can' and 'will' stop smoking and you might surprise yourself with the successes you obtain. Ditch the word 'try' too; as once we use that word to ourselves, in a sense we have already opened up ourselves to the possibility of failure and you probably know deep down (subconsciously) that it's not going to happen. How many times do you hear people saying I'm going to 'try' to do this or that, but never end up doing it? As the Nike add says 'Just Do It'!

At this point you might be saying to yourself, yes that is all very well and good but 'I just don't have the willpower'. But it isn't actually so much about will power; as studies have shown that using 'will power' alone has as little as 5% success rates. This is due to the fact that a person using will power to stop smoking will probably end up thinking of nothing but 'smoking'. It's a little bit like 'try not to think of a yellow car', you automatically think about it whether you want to or not. Sometimes the harder you 'try' to do something the harder it becomes. It's more about having the right thought process, talking to yourself in the right way (self talk) and making the right choices. Basically learning how to be free from an unwanted habit that serves no purpose. Just having a little determination to do something that you want to do and believing in your ability to do it.

Self talk is very important. One of the first things I advise my clients of is not to use the term 'Giving Up', as that insinuates a sacrifice. Think about that for a moment. What are you actually 'Giving Up'? - apart of course from a bad habit? Is it not true that you are gaining health, smelling fresher, feeling better, having more energy, fresher skin, more money and all the other benefits that stopping smoking brings?; and therefore not in actual fact 'Giving Up' anything? The person who says that they are 'Giving Up' something is more than likely going to feel at some stage six months down the line that they are 'missing out' on something. They might be out one night, see or smell cigarettes and say to themselves 'oh I would love just one cigarette'. Instead, have the attitude that you are 'stopping smoking' because you want to! That you can and will easily stop smoking! I really hope that you found the above tip/s helpful. Please tune in soon for my next stop smoking tip :)

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