Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The difference between a Stage Hypnotist and a Consulting Hypnotist

One of the biggest misconceptions about hypnosis is that a hypnotist will make you do things that you don't want to do. This is mainly stems from 'Stage Hypnosis'. Even though to the casual observer, it may appear that the stage hypnotist takes over the control and will power of the volunteers on stage, this is absolutely false. Volunteers are actually always in control but just guided into a wonderful daydreaming experience and following the suggestions of the stage hypnotist. The stage hypnotist 'motivates' not 'forces' the volunteer to want to follow his-her suggestions. There is a big difference. For example the person isn't forced to play a musical instrument or get up to tap dance but rather the stage hypnotist encourages them to 'desire' to do that. Once the volunteer accepts the suggestion of the hypnotist, some fun can be had. But as I explained in my last blog, you do not have to be a hypnotist to give a suggestion.

Trevor Eivers CH with Keith Barry after his show 'The Dark Side'
I am a huge fan of talented Waterford man Keith Barry. Of course he is a man of many hats - an entertainer, an illusionist, a magician as well as a hypnotist. I have attended his show 'The Dark Side' and it comes recommended, it is truly entertaining and a brilliant night out. However he mixes up hypnosis with everything else in the show and unfortunately some people end up associating 'The Dark Side' or Alister Crowley with hypnosis! I do get people ringing me asking me if I am going to trick them and as a Consulting Hypnotist is can be frustrating to keep clarifying the misconceptions that are associated with hypnosis. For my part I have given over 30 public awareness talks spreading the word about the benefits of hypnosis.

The facts are, sadly, some people who see a hypnosis stage show, leave with a negative attitude about considering to seek help from a Consulting Hypnotist. Recently, I met a woman who had concerns about her daughter, who suffered from anxiety and panic attacks; I was sure i could help her, as I have helped many in a similar situation. Unfortunately though when she spoke to her daughter, she refused having bought into some of the misconceptions. Consulting Hypnotists like myself help regular everyday people with regular everyday problems, by simply using a communication process that helps one's mind and body relax. It is natural and if everyone knew all the benefits that could be obtained from hypnosis from reducing stress to weight control, a visit to a Consulting Hypnotist would be as normal and as common as a visit to any healthcare provider.

The most common question a potential client asks me is 'Does it work'? And my answer is always yes of course the studies have shown this (available on my website:, but it is very important that the person commits to the process. As a Consulting Hypnotist I just facilitate a change by guiding the person into a natural super learning state of mind. I always outline that if, like the majority of my clients, they follow my instructions they will experience success in whatever they came to see me for.

A visit to see a Consulting Hypnotist can be life changing. Here is typical feedback that I have received after my sessions: "I want to thank you so much for helping me in my life. I can proudly say that I have not had a panic attack for the whole time. I haven't got fears like I used to, my body doesn't react weird in different situations. The nicest thing I experienced is the sensation of being in a moment of control, in a moment when I used to freak out. The peace inside me gives me more self confidence and happiness. Thank you again." This person was delighted that they came to see me as a Consulting Hypnotist and did not leave clucking like a chicken, like the stage show misconception, but rather left having benefited from a truly life changing experience.

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