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Feeling No Pain - HypnoBirthing

Giving birth to a child is the most painful thing in the world, right? But what if I told you that didn't have to be the case? Big coming from a man I hear you say?! But bare with me for a few moments until I explain how you can have a comfortable and painless birth using 'HypnoBirthing'.

Firstly, did you know that complete body 'anesthesia' can be (and has been) induced on people in hypnosis? This means that while in the hypnotic state no pain is experienced. Hypnosis is when the body automatically reacts to suggestion, and when the correct suggestions are given by a trained hypnotic practitioner, 'anesthesia' will result. People have actually gone through fairly serious operations using hypnotherapy and not requiring any general and/or local anesthetic. Many studies have been carried out that show HypnoBirthing is effective. One study from 2004 found that women receiving prenatal hypnosis had significantly better outcomes than women who did not.1 Another in 2006 showed very beneficial outcomes associated with the use of hypnosis in childbirth.2

Lets talk a little bit about understanding 'pain'. What travels through the nerves when you get an injury, or a contraction in childbirth, is not pain, it is 'activity in the nerves'. It is only when it gets to the brain, and the brain processes it, using emotions, beliefs and expectations, that is becomes an 'experience of pain'. It is important to recognise the difference between the 'painful signals' and the 'actual suffering'.3 For example stress and anxiety almost always intensify the power of any pain experience. Hypnosis can help a woman relax so that they can experience comfort rather than pain. I teach techniques such as self hypnosis and mindfulness that are a great way of helping prepare any woman for childbirth, showing them how to focus attention away from pain.

It is also important to understand that in our society, 'civilized women' are hypnotically programmed to have substantial pain during the childbirth process. From an early age they are exposed to stories relating to how painful and difficult childbirth is. All of these stories can be ingrained in the subconscious and result in a belief system and expectation that childbirth is painful. When a pregnant woman visits a doctors office she is in a hypnotic state; Everything that the doctors says becomes part of her belief system and expectation. For example the term 'labor pains' is used frequently and many handouts and magazines in the physicians office continue to program the woman to 'expect pain' during her delivery.4

Ultimately, labor and child birth is a normal, natural and physiological process. HypnoBirthing can help condition and prepare an expectant mother to be completely relaxed, both mentally and physically, with a positive expectancy of delivery, without pain or discomfort but instead ready to enjoy one of the most wonderful times of her life.

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