Friday, 14 August 2015

Pain Relief With Hypnosis

Pain results in much suffering in adults and can cause depression and poor quality of life. The stats show that in the United States alone 100 million people suffer from some kind of Chronic Pain. But did you know that hypnosis can really help, with all sorts of painful conditions such as back pain and arthritis?

I get a regular referral of clients from a local G.P. and have had remarkable results. Recently a gentleman named Liam came to see me in severe pain. He was suffering from arthritis and was in pain from head to toe. After just one session he left feeling no pain whatsoever and is now a new man. Here is what Liam had to say about his experience: 

“I had a wonderful experience with Trevor recently. I was in a lot of pain for years and was asked to see about hypnosis by my rheumatology consultant and I have improved a great deal since having the hypnosis. I am taking far less tablets now and I am walking better. I have no joint stiffness or any pain. It’s a wonderful feeling. I have a lot more confidence now. I came away a new man. I would highly recommend Waterford Hypnosis. Trevor is a sincere and genuine person with a wonderful gift.”

Let’s talk a little bit about understanding 'pain'. What travels through the nerves when you get an injury, is not pain, it is 'activity in the nerves'. It is only when it gets to the brain, and the brain processes it, using emotions, beliefs and expectations, that it becomes an 'experience of pain'. It is important to recognise the difference between the 'painful signals' and the 'actual suffering'. For example stress and anxiety almost always intensify the power of any pain experience. Hypnosis can help a people relax so that they can experience comfort rather than pain and helps manage the fear and anxiety people feel related to pain. It also relaxes the nervous system, so it’s not as reactive to the pain, as well as redirecting your attention away from the sensation of pain. People have actually gone through fairly serious operations using hypnotherapy and not requiring any general and/or local anesthetic. This is an example of how powerful hypnosis is. 

Hypnosis is one of the most effective interventions for the reduction of pain and suffering. In recent years, it has become an increasingly more acceptable therapeutic intervention. Many studies (Ashton et al., 1997; Cadranel et al., 1994; Chaves & Dworkin, 1997; Hrezo, 1998; Lang, Joyce, Spiegel, Hamilton, & Lee, 1996; Marchioro et al., 2000; Patterson & Jensen, 2003; Van der Does, Van Dyck, & Spijker, 1988) have demonstrated that hypnosis in persons who experience pain or stress can reduce the need for pain medications. Remember all hypnosis is self hypnosis, it is very safe and you will only accept suggestions you want to accept regardless of the depth of hypnosis.

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