Thursday, 2 January 2014

Stop Smoking for the New Year - Tip #3 - Give Your Body A Chance

Well it's the New Year and if you have already made the decision to stop smoking, firstly WELL DONE & CONGRATULATIONS - great choice!

Now, no matter how long you have been smoking, whether one year or thirty years, your body will require some time to adjust to the non smoking life. Over the coming days your body will be doing its best to get rid of the build up of nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and other chemicals. In fact you might find that you will be able to taste the flavors of your food a lot more over the coming weeks, as the layer of tar on your tongue breaks down and dissolves. Also, people are usually surprised when I tell them that it only takes 3-4 days for the nicotine to leave the body. Allen Carr made millions passing on this simple tit-bit of information, which is one of the main concepts of his book 'The Easy Way To Stop Smoking'. Immediately after you put out that last cigarette, the nicotine levels in your body drop, which brings on that feeling people experience as a 'craving'. But really what it is, is the Nicotine monster (metaphorically speaking) inside you that is just hungry for more nicotine. But isn't it empowering to know after only 3-4 days that nicotine monster is dead? and after that you are well on the road to freedom; from then on it's just establishing the non smoking behaviour permanently. By the way hypnosis can not only help with reducing-eliminating cravings but also establishing that new behaviour.

So with the above in mind, it is essential to drink lots of water (6-8 glasses a day) and eat well (organic fruit and vegetables, etc.) to help your body do it's job. You will find by doing this, in a short space of time you will have more energy and vitality. Also, endeavor to get active, whether it be walking every day or joining a gym. Finally, get plenty of 'fresh air' into those smoke free lungs. Yes it is not natural to smoke but it is natural to breathe fresh air!

Like with most things in life, starting is usually the hardest part and when it comes to the goal of stopping smoking, it is no different. Building up some momentum over the first couple of days is vital; to help build up some confidence in your ability to be free from a bad habit. Look at it from this point of view - that if you can stop smoking for one day, you can do it for two, if you can do it for two you can do it for three, etc. The longer you are smoke free the better you will feel about yourself. Just make sure to give your body that breathing space. Sometimes it's like a car that has broken down, it might take a few strong men to push it but before long the wheels start turning and then you are on your way!

I want to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2014. I hope you have found this tip helpful and remember to tune in again soon for the next one.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this healthcare information. I am sure this technique will going to work. But in a longer run, I think stop smoking hypnotherapy is the best therapy, especially for chain smoker. Research shows that nicotine demand last for only 72 hours. Which means after 72 hours, it is not a necessity? So it’s just a matter of physiological game.

    1. Thanks David. I am not sure what you mean though. I basically said everything after your 'but' above, in the blog itself. I have dealt with other aspects of Stop Smoking Hynosis (at least my program) in my other blog posts. I agree though ,it is a physiological game, no doubt about it...