Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Stop Smoking for the New Year - Tip #5 - No such thing as 'Just the one'

Welcome to my 5th and penultimate tip in my series of Stop Smoking Tips for 2014! Hopefully you have now enjoyed a few days and weeks free of a bad habit. If you have followed my previous tips, and set out with the right attitude, hopefully you will have found it easier than you expected to stop. Once you build up some momentum, there is no looking back. So make sure to get rid of all packets of cigarettes and ashtrays from your home, car, etc. With everyday that goes by, see it metaphorically speaking as taking another step down that golden road of health and happiness, where you are feeling good,  energetic, smelling fresh and having more money in your pocket. You have made this decision to stop smoking so full steam ahead!

However it is very important not to test yourself and say 'ah just the one won't hurt'. Unfortunately, it will hurt, as all it takes is just one puff to start the cycle (that nicotine trick described in tip#3) all over again. For the first few weeks you are learning how to live as a non smoker and of course you want to make sure that this behaviour is permanent. So it is important to make sure that in those moments of vulnerability that you are strong. In my experience the two most common situations that people test themselves or relapse are: 

1. Social events: Remember that you are smoke free because it is a choice that you have made. It can be all too easy with a few drinks to get carried away and let your guard down. All it takes is one puff and in nearly all cases you are back smoking full time again the very next day. Instead, think about how great you'll feel in the morning when you wake up smoke free (besides the hangover not being half as bad!). If the people you are with smoke, just feel glad that you are free from a disgusting habit! 

2. Stressful events: A very important point here is that smoking does not 'relax' you in any way shape or form. In fact smokers in general are more stressed and manage stress less effectively than non smokers. It is important to find a more productive way to relax, even if it is a simple breathing exercise. Here is a very simple breathing exercise that will help: 

Bring your point of attention to your stomach and imagine you have a deflated balloon in your stomach. Take a slow deep breath and breathe in from the stomach, inflating that balloon. Inhale through the nose. Now slowly exhale through the mouth, pushing out that breath, pushing that breath all the way down your body, imagining your breath like a relaxing mist. Feel yourself letting go with every exhale, your muscles becoming loose and limp, just like you’re a snowman melting on a sunny day. Repeat.

I hope you enjoyed this latest tip. Many of these tips I give to my clients, many of whom I have helped stop smoking. Check out some of the feedback/testimonials I have received on my website: http://www.waterford-hypnosis.com/smoking.html

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