Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hypnosis Can Help You Reach Your Ideal Weight - For Good!

Recent studies have shown that the Overweight and Obesity problem in Ireland is getting worse. A report produced by the national task force on obesity from the Department of Health, reported that in Ireland at the present time, 39% of adults are overweight and 18% are obese. This research provided evidence that foods that are high in fat, sugar and starch are the most significant promoters of weight gain, as well as lack of exercise. Looking around during the current spell of good weather it seems to me, at times nearly every second person (as the research indicates) is overweight at some level.

The current obesity problem is a sad reality in the current world we live in. It is not easy for people to make the correct choices with the constant bombardment of advertising for fast food, fizzy drinks and the rest. However there are solutions! I give regular talks in the Waterford area, at which I always give a few tips for weight loss. The first of these tips is to look for ‘permanent change’ and 'hypnosis' can help find the key to this change. Most people look for ‘quick fixes’ and there are many diets out there that fit the bill. Unfortunately, diets mostly fail because it promotes a short term mind set, disregards physical activity and makes you feel hungry and tired. The old habits and lifestyle choices soon return and so does the weight.

The second tip I gave is that all tastes are ‘learned’. When we are born, we just have a taste for mother’s milk, but every taste from that point on is learned and acquired. So we can develop tastes for anything. Try eating a food that you don’t like for 21 days and by the 22nd day I bet you will have acquired a taste for that food! Our taste buds are constantly regenerating and go through a life cycle where they grow and then die away. In other words your preferences are not set in stone. Therefore it is possible to acquire tastes for healthy foods and 'hypnosis' can help fast track that change.

Hypnosis is a great tool to help you develop new healthy habits and lifestyle choices, as well as acquire a taste for healthy foods. My four session weight loss program is designed to empower people to achieve permanent change. It is not so much about getting to a figure, but developing a lifetime of making healthy lifestyle choices. Each session focuses on a different aspect of weight control, from eating the right foods to physical activity. It is a process of self-empowerment, assisting people by helping them discover the resources, wisdom and solutions, that are already contained within them. As a Consulting Hypnotist I provide you with the map, showing you the way to your ideal weight. Once the required steps are followed you will easily achieve success. 

I recently helped this lady, who done her own video report on her first hypnosis session:

Here is some more information and testimonials on my weight control program:

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