Friday, 6 June 2014

Trance States & Hypnosis - An Everyday Experience!

One of the most common questions I get is: 'Is there such a thing as 'trance' and 'is it real''? My answer is always absolutely 'yes'! However we often misunderstand what trance actually is. Trance is not about being a mindless zombie as portrayed in some Hollywood movie. Trance is something we experience everyday, as our brainwave activity cycles from high levels to low levels. We are actually in some kind of trance most of the day. Whether it be a work trance, parenting trance, doing the housework trance and even while you are reading this - a 'reading trance'. In fact all habits are really just a person stuck in a repetitive trance cycle which because of repetition is a deeply ingrained at the subconscious level of the mind.

When people come to my office, most are actually in a trance already. Whether it be a smoking trance; an over eating trance; a stressed out trance or a fear of flying trance to name a few. Hypnosis is the utilization of trance states towards a specific outcome. It helps snap people out of unproductive trances by changing their thinking and thought process at an automatic (subconscious) level. They commonly notice a dramatic improvement in their ability to control their thoughts and emotions in such an empowering way, adapting more positive trance states such a 'confidence trance' or 'eating healthy trance'! One of the ways I help them achieve this is to teach them 'self hypnosis', which literally means my clients are able to program themselves in so many helpful and productive ways. After all. 'all hypnosis is really self hypnosis'.

Yes life is hypnotic! Everything that occurs in hypnosis occurs in real life as well. For example have you ever had the situation where you could not find the keys of your car? And you searched high and low for them but to no avail? And then, just when you get fed up looking for them  - you see them sitting on the kitchen table where they were all along? This is commonly referred to as 'negative hallucination', where literally we don't see something that is actually in front of us all along. Stage hypnotists tap into this natural phenomenon all the time. Daydreaming, watching TV or driving your car are other everyday examples of trance states and hypnosis. So to summarize, hypnosis and trance are a natural process that when utilized correctly provides so many benefits, from removing an unwanted habit, to increasing performance to eliminating a fear. Don't just take my word for it, check out here the many studies that show hypnosis works:

You can also read some of my many testimonials here:

I hope you have enjoyed my latest blog and that it has given you some more  insight into hypnosis and trance :)

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